Billy Wilson - Bass
Randall Furr - Bass (Occasional)
Hubert Furr - Vocals, Guitar
Reggie Furr - Mandolin
Leeah Furr Cavanaugh - Vocals, Tamborine
Henry Furr - Vocals, Banjo, Guitar, Harmonica
Richard Furr - Vocals, Guitar

Made up of brothers Richard, Hubert and Henry along with Richard's son Reggie and niece Leeah, we are the Furr Family Band. 

Separately we have played/sung for many many years. It wasn't until recently that the stars aligned and we were able to begin playing together as a group. God has brought us together and we are blessed for the opportunity to serve him through our music. Our hope and prayer is that you also receive a blessing.


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Call Hubert:  704-267-1719

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